New: Vegan translations!

There's no such thing as can't be done.
At least not at

"I don't want to eat the translation!" you'll think. No, we hadn't thought of that either.

However, we assume that you:

  • live consciously
  • want to give your descendants a world as intact as possible
  • want to avoid human and animal suffering
  • worry about a fair distribution in the world

and therefore it is important to you that your service provider also shares these life principles.

What do we mean by vegan translation?

  • All those involved in the translation project (project manager, translator, editor) are vegans.
  • They are always caring about the environment and they respect it.
  • They protect and respect the rights of all other living beings.
  • The translation order is carried out in a resource-saving manner (100% paperless).

The Vegane Gesellschaft Deutschland (the german vegan society) receives 10%

Another advantage is that we donate 10% of the order value to Vegane Gesellschaft Deutschland e.V.

This means that with your translation work you not only guarantee a vegan workflow, but also support the vegan idea through a renowned, reliable, trustworthy organization.  This enables us to carry out vegan translations at the usual prices and standards.

Ask for a "vegan translation" when placing your order! We take care of the rest.

Thank you for your support on behalf of all those who have no voice but who desperately need our help!

Currently vegan translations are available for the following language combinations:

  • English - German
  • French - German
  • Italian - German

The offer will continue to extend in the future. Stay tuned!

New: Vegan translations!
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