Technology, Marketing, E-commerce

Customized to you: so that your translation fits you like a glove

  • You need specialty translations for technology, marketing, e-commerce, in all common languages?
  • You want to base technology, sales, and marketing on a common basis?
  • You are looking for the most efficient solution in the German-language market?

Your actual needs and wants determine the scope of service and the workflow:

  • from a machine translation with or without post-editing (if it doesn't have to be perfect but speed and general content is what matters)
  • to premium specialty translations completed by multiple experts (for example sales-promoting marketing material),
  • with all gradations adapted to your purpose.

The three pillars in Translation Management

Terminology is the framework

The correct terminology ensures consistency and clarity of the text right from the start. Product-, industry-, and company-specific terms are critical and must be used correctly in the target language.

Translation memories save time and money

Saving and re-using translations reduces costs and delivery times. At FaustTranslations, all resources are available to the translators, editors, terminologists (even on the customer's side) in real time. Chaotic communication and version history are a thing of the past.

QA keeps your head clear

Individually configurable quality assurance tools free the project manager from standard tasks  so that he or she can fully focus on your requirements.

Project management is the one boat in which we all sit

It guarantees collaboration with native-language specialty translators and editors. The experts are supported by the collaborative SC translation management that is leading in the German-language region.

Because the delivery deadline is not the end!

You want a collaboration that you can depend on. That is fully customized to your needs. Today. Tomorrow. And in the future. And that is very personal.


You don't want to take a leap of faith? You shouldn't! That's why we developed THE GUARANTEE.

There's absolutely no risk for you:

Not convinced = money back

How this works in detail is explained here: THE GUARANTEE

In short:

Cooperating with us is fun: because you can trustingly assign tasks to us that used to take a lot of time and were nerve-wrecking while you never really reached your goal (otherwise you wouldn't be here - am I right?). Efficient work is motivating and successful - and we are all happy when we are successful.


You have your very own needs and wants. It is our mission to relieve you from all of your worries when it comes to translation management.

To ensure a 100% implementation of our business philosophy we limit the number of new customers to a few mid-sized companies annually, whose company profiles coincide with ours. This is what secures success for both sides.

Interested? Talk to us! We are all ears for your requests.


Our team for your success

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