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Technology, marketing, and e-commerce under one roof

Because in China they don't use a knife and fork, and Eskimos just don't buy freezers

You have many needs:

  • You need specialty translations for technology, marketing, e-commerce, in all common languages?
  • You want to base technology, sales, and marketing on a common basis?
  • You are looking for the most efficient solution in the German-language market?
  • ...

Your actual needs and wants determine the scope of service and the workflow:

  • Translation
    based on the 2, 4, 6 eye principle or as agreed for each individual case
  • Transcreation
    The text is recreated in the target language while observing cultural differences
  • Machine translation
    Neural translation machines with post-editing for maximum time and cost efficiency
  • Editing
    Linguistic and style review of the translation by a second native speaker
  • Proofreading
    Review for grammar and spelling errors
  • In-country review (ICR)
    Employees in the target country are included in the review
  • Quality assurance
    The automated, specific, or customized quality assurance guarantees the necessary quality
  • Query management
    Managing all questions from translators and the answers from the responsible persons in a transparent and traceable manner
  • Terminology management
    Maintaining, updating, and supplementing a company-wide, uniform terminology in all languages 
  • Memory management
    Any already existing translations are available to all project participants in real time. Memories are also continuously updated and maintained.
  • Layout control
    Layouts are reviewed in comparison to the original, in particular for hidden/cut-off text components, correct display of tables, tables of contents, lists, page breaks, functioning links, etc.
  • Final proofreading
    Final review before a document is published or printed to exclude errors that may have crept in between translation and completion (wrong font, hyphenation, copy/paste errors,...)

Other available services:

  • Copywriting
    Our copywriters will rewrite your marketing documents in the target language to convince and motivate the reader to take action
  • Archiving
    Secure document management that guarantees access to originals and translations even after years (e.g. for contract modifications)
  • Source text editing
    Uncertain source texts are edited prior to the translation so that errors are not carried over
  • SEO translations
    Online channels require optimized translations for your visibility and ranking in search engines.
  • DTP
    Foreign-language typesetting for foreign markets can be pretty demanding (Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, ...)
  • Certifications
    Often required for legal purposes

We offer the following packages:

  • 2 eyes solution
  • 4 eyes solution
  • 6 eyes solution
  • MT machine solution
  • MKT marketing solution
  • SM social media solution


We have developed THE GUARANTEE to give you reassurance and certainty.

In short:

Collaborating with us is fun: because you can trustingly assign tasks to us that used to take a lot of time and were nerve-wrecking while you never really reached your goal (otherwise you wouldn't be here - am I right?).

Efficient work is motivating and successful - and we are all happy when we are successful.

Our team for your success

Of course you want to know who you’re dealing with.
Translations are a matter of trust.