Working with a translation agency is easier!

Translation agency

With companies now having plenty of choice as to where they get their documents translated, many are often tempted to go for freelancers or even doing things in-house. While they may seem cheaper in the long run, there are many benefits to a translation agency you probably haven’t even thought of. So, before you make that all important decision, here are some of the benefits of working with a translation agency.


With pricing one of the ruling factors in translation, what better place to start. With freelancers cheaper than most reputable LSPs, it often makes freelancers seem more desirable. You see, LSPs have extra costs to cover like technology or staff members, so while it may seem like we’re putting you off an LSP, we’re actually highlighting the fact so that when you read the other points, you know why they’re a bit more expensive…

LSPs make things easier

When you work with freelancers, it’s really easy to form a partnership with them and integrate them into the team. Plus you can train up a freelancer easier on your products. But, did you know you can get all of these benefits with an LSP, too?

Plus, when you’re dealing with a team of freelancers, the stress of managing the extra people can make your life a bit harder.  With so many freelancers offering their services, it’s increasingly difficult to separate the good from the bad. Speaking a foreign language doesn’t make you a translator, just like how being able to write doesn’t make you a writer.

And this is where working with an LSP becomes irreplaceable. When you use an LSP, they’ll do the recruitment for you, meaning you automatically know that you’re working with the best. This is great if you don’t speak the language and don’t have a way of testing the freelancers beforehand. It’s easy – with an LSP all you have to do is send over your documents and wait to get them back.

Variety of languages

If you have to handle more than a couple of languages, it’s tough to manage such a large team of freelancers. As you have to deal with everyone individually, this means that the amount of work you have to do is multiplied by the number of freelancers you have. LSPs have a database, so it’s really easy for companies like us to find translators from Luxemburgish to Kazakh, for example.


No matter what industry you’re in, technology is expensive. With new versions of CAT tools, for example, coming out year on year, it’s often too expensive for freelancers to keep up. While freelancers usually use 1 or 2 CAT tools, LSPs can handle them all and like to invest in the latest machine translation engines etc., too. Just like with us and MaEX! Rather than just translating, we’ll come up with a solution to help you.

OOO days

When translators are ooo, translations stop. When you’re working with a freelancer, that could complicate things if they’re away and you need something translating fast. LSPs don’t have this issue, so it means you’re never stuck because of downtime.


We hope we’ve managed to show you some of the benefits of working with an LSP, and why they really are worth the money. If you’re still unsure and would like to give things a try – we’re here to help.