Why translation management is a mission-critical task – Part 2


In my previous blog article I suggested using the right tools and workflows for your translation processes.


One note right at the start: modern CAT tools are complex work environments for professionals. Which tool should you, a mid-sized company, use? The simplest answer: none! Because:

  • How much of your staff do you want to use for translation management?
  • How good is the linguistic competence of your employees?
  • What’s your budget?

The most frequent answers that I hear in consultations are:

  • minimal staff;
  • we have a few employees that speak English;
  • we don’t really have a budget.

So: forget the tool.

Focus instead on choosing a competent partner that takes care of it. Your immediate benefit: problem solved!


Why would you want to take on tasks that are not within your core competency? The result will never satisfy your expectations and needs.

If your hobbies include car repairs, yard work, or sewing, then you will be happy to do these tasks and, over time, you will become a specialist in your hobby. Otherwise you will depend on the reliable work of experts.

Some of the regularly occurring tasks in translation management are:

  • Capturing terminology
  • Maintaining translation memories
  • Alignment
  • Converting files into the editing format
  • Reviewing and preparing source texts
  • Selecting suitable specialist translators depending on language combination and area of expertise
  • Appropriate selection of editors
  • Monitoring all project milestones
  • Query management among all project participants
  • Quality assurance
  • and much more.

(For unfamiliar technical terms, see here: What do we mean when we say …)

It is obvious that these are specialized activities requiring lots of know-how and experience.

Do you really want to inflict this upon yourself?

In my opinion, the perfect workflow for a mid-sized company would be like this:

  • You send us the files to be translated
  • Our project manager clarifies all the details with you
  • You receive the finished translations at the specified deadline

Ideally, you will name a contact who is available for technical questions, and meetings take place regularly (e.g. annually) to clarify overriding matters and to further optimize processes.

It’s that easy

We capture all translations, create the terminology, optimize price and quality for your follow-up orders. Upon request, we easily integrate your employees (terminologists, proofreaders, …) into the workflow.

This is free of charge and included in our service package.

The objective is that we relieve you from all worries and tasks in translation management so that you can focus completely on your core business.

It couldn’t be easier

I can only recommend: make things easy on yourself.


Christian Faust

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