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Fear is an Integral Part of Every Step Forward.

I think we can agree, fear of advancing technology is an “IN” issue in the world of work.

We’re afraid of:
– Digitization
– Automation
– Artificial Intelligence
– etc.

I don’t want to deny that innovations have their downsides.

With automotive transport came air pollution, with nuclear power there came nuclear waste and the atomic bomb, with antibiotics came resistance etc. We could continue this enumeration endlessly…

However, it’s always a question of appropriate, meaningful and sensible use that determines the outcome we ultimate achieve. Let’s not beat around the bush for too long and get down to business:

The Limits of Machine Translation

One of the first reactions (or THE first reaction) is always: “There are certainly mistakes in it, the machine can’t know everything!

Absolutely right. The machine can’t. Machine translations are getting better and better, and professional translation machines that are trained in specific topics and fields are already achieving good results, but they still make some mistakes. No doubt about it.

Language and Communication are Highly Complex

How complex are they really? Take my wife and myself. We’ve been married for 30 years, so one could confidently say that we know each other inside out. Still, we catch ourselves in misunderstandings. Even though, as complex human beings, we can understand the intricacies of nonverbal communication and the contextual relevance of what each other is saying, we still occasionally get it wrong. After more than 30 years together, isn’t that incredible?

Engines are Tools

So, we can certainly admit that even the most advanced machines (and humans) make mistakes. But that’s not really the point. What is at stake is whether a particular machine (translation machine) is a tool worth using, even with this capacity for error.

In this instance, a specialist translator uses the translation tool to produce just as good a translation, but as efficiently as possible. When you pair the efficiency of advanced technology with the unrivalled cognitive ability of the human translator, you can achieve great things.

Humans Make the Difference

With MAeX© we have developed a very reliable process that combines human know-how with advanced technology to achieve optimal results. Just as these invaluable tools are used in many other industries; I don’t really know of any profession that is practiced today without the aid of some kind of modern technology.

The optimum result is always a functional product (technical translation) at a reasonable price (as low as possible without compromising on quality) with a fast turnaround (half as long as before).

However, so-called post-editing (revision of a machine translation) has requirements that many translators have not yet met. The paradigm shift and the necessary changes in working methods have not yet been reached and implemented by all. This is why we often still see only modest results in the wider marketplace.

What a Stroke of Luck that MAeX© Exists!

Here at FaustTranslations our process is both sophisticated and proven. The requirements of DIN 18.587 are met, giving our customers the assurance that they will receive accurate translations. Both faster and cheaper than ever before.

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