LoLa (Localized Language) is our superhero for transcreation (marketing language free translation with adaptation to target culture and buyer expectations).

LoLa redefines transcreation: From now on, transcreation will take place in a time and cost optimized framework.

LoLa includes an in-depth briefing and direct engagement of your in-country reviewer (ICR) in a clear and concise online process. This is done quickly and easily without all the emails and with unique version status. Work progress can be tracked online at any time. In addition, with short delivery times and at an unbeatable price.

This is how transcreation works today. Only LoLa can do that!


In advertising,transcreation is the translation of an advertising text into another language, taking into account the changed cultural circumstances and contexts.

In doing so, the transcreative copywriter preserves the message with the same rational and emotional appeal as in the source language. The creative concept remains the same.

Transcreation work is, in a sense, more complex and difficult than the work of the copywriter, since in addition to the actual translation, a similar strategic-creative process is involved as in the source language. A high degree of intercultural competence is required.


Transcreations are used significantly in marketing and corporate communications, i.e. wherever publicity and its effect are the focus.

The source text must be transferred so that the translated text appeals to the reader as intended. If this is not done and the translation is simply “translated”, the effort can be in vain, the reader and the customers are left disappointed and, in the worst case, make negative comments about the product and the company.

If sensitivities in other countries or cultures are underestimated or not seen, this can have serious consequences for sales and the company’s image. On the other hand, many markets offer great opportunities if they are properly exploited, especially with the ” Made inGermany” seal. Professional transcreation ensures that your message reaches the foreign-language customer.


In general, all types of texts are to be transcreated, if a company’s image and revenue are at stake. The question here is quite simple: “Does the text have an effect on the image of the brand?

These text types include, for example:

  • Press releases on new products / service offers
  • Company brochures
  • Customer magazines
  • Internet presences / websites
  • Communication of the company in social media
  • Advertising shots/ mailings
  • Marketing sections in technical texts


LoLa opens up completely new possibilities in transcreation. An introductory briefing clarifies expectations and the basis for the work. By directly involving the ICR (usually the responsible marketing manager in the target country) in the process, the workflow is optimized easily and quickly. Our experienced team will help you to clearly divide your projects into a purely technical part (technical translation) and an image part (transcreation).

An online feedback loop between creative copywriters and ICR significantly speeds up the work process. Deadlines are met reliably. The current version status is always clear.


Of course, transcreation services cost a bit more than simple translations or MAeX translations. But LoLa offers clear advantages here as well. Simplyrequest your LoLa quote on our  translation portal. You will be surprised how beneficial LoLa is. 

Don’t forget: Transcreation contributes significantly to your branding, image and market success abroad.

If the topic of transcreation is new to you, or is just what you currently need, just get in touch with us so we can talk about your project.

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