Smartcat Partner Day, June 8, 2018, Hilton Warsaw

If you want, you can also be successful

Following this year’s LocWorld in Warsaw (you can read my summary here), it was a special pleasure for me to give a presentation on what makes companies successful (or not). The lecture, which was intended to compensate for many hours of dry specialist information, was titled with a twinkle in its eye:

“Let’s talk about Sex – the most important concept in life and business”

However, one should not be deceived: It makes a huge difference whether a provider is perceived as “sexy” by a potential customer or not. Despite all the efficiency and objective advantages of an offer, we are always dealing with people. People have their likes and dislikes, often decide from the gut. Above all, attractiveness plays a role.

I could demonstrate this with the example of life on earth. “Life” as a product is an absolute success story on earth – for 3.6 trillion years! Every living being is the result of reproduction. This means that a living being must attract the right partner in order to achieve reproductive success.

Not sexy? ThenĀ no attraction, no reproduction, no success!

It’s as simple as that. This rule applies in every business.
Marketing expert Allan Dib describes this in his book “The 1-page marketing plan” (which I warmly recommend) as follows:

“You need to position what you do so that even if your competitor has his store right across the street, customers cross the street to do business with you instead of your competitor.”

Sexy Translation Management

Our customers know that we have been using Smartcat for translation management for two years now. This working environment provides solutions for many bottlenecks that we encounter again and again in traditional translation management. What does this work environment offer that other tools do not?


  • Collaborative workflows
  • Update all resources in real time
  • Direct communication of all project participants
  • Transparent version managementĀ 
  • Easy integration of customer employees, test readers, terminologists,…
  • Free of charge

These are just some of the advantages. And that is only the beginning. Technical development continues unabated.

Above all, the comprehensive exchange with our customers is important: What do you specifically need, what are your requirements, what are your most secret wishes (in translation management)? The personal conversation makes a lot of things much easier.

I would be happy to advise you personally and individually at any time. I think that’s sexy too.

Best regards
Christian Faust

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