CO translation stands for collaborative work processes in which several specialist translators and linguists work closely together.

CO translations offer you the highest quality and flexibility. Forget everything you’ve ever known about translation management. Welcome to the 21st century!

The CO processes we develop adapt perfectly to your needs and the complexity of the translation project. We can involve three, four, five or even a hundred specialists, depending on the required know-how, requested delivery dates and quality requirements.

CO translations guarantee consistent terminology, complete memory management, unambiguous version statuses, absolute deadline reliability.

You can order CO translations quickly and securely on our translation portal.

That’s how translation works today. 😀👍


When it comes to specialized translations, there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution. You have your own requirements in terms of corporate language, product, terminology, text type, target audience, language combinations, workflows, file formats, delivery times, and so on. That’s why you need a partner who flexibly agrees with you exactly the service package you need and who delivers on time and reliably: no more, no less.


In addition to specific requirements for which we have developed LoLa and MAeX, there is a whole range of services that can be put together into a package depending on your particular needs.

The starting point for this is our co-translations (collaborative translation processes), which are based on the cooperation of several professionals. This is how we guarantee the highest quality. In principle, co-translations exceed the requirements of the translation standard DIN EN ISO 17.100.

But our collaborative workflows can do much more than “just translation”. Different experts (theoretically any number) can be integrated into one and the same project. They collaborate in a structured way in real time, using the same resources such as glossaries, translation memories, chat modules. It is also very easy to involve experts from the customer side.

This ensures consistent terminology and a clear version status within the project at all times. All change steps are fully documented. It does not matter what services your project includes: 4-eye or 6-eye translation, revision, copywriting, editing, proofreading, in-country proofreading (ICR), terminology management, memory management, social media translations, SEO translations, DTP, certifications …

Together with you, we create the optimal service package and the best workflow for you. Of course, our services are always cost and time optimized.

Your personal project manager will put together a permanent team of translators for you. The fact that the same proven translators are always used for you has a positive effect on quality and delivery time, and ensures that the project runs smoothly and very efficiently.


We are aware that when you place your trust in us, we make you a promise: absolute reliability and openness.

It is not something that we do lightly. We have been in the business for over 30 years and have gained the experience and expertise to be the reliable partner our customers want today and in the future.


Call us old-fashioned, but we rely on personal contact, especially today, when almost everything is done via the Internet. Because behind all technology there are human beings. You want to know who you are dealing with. And be sure that we understand your requirements and wishes exactly and we reliably fulfill them.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with you.

Contact us for further questions or simply use our TRANSLATION PORTAL for your order.

What Our Customers Say

We are impressed by their professional service: high quality, error-free translations, fair price-performance ratio, on-time deliveries. Plus open and friendly communication. Highly competent and supportive employees.

Melanie Muth
RWG Germany GmbH

We require technical documentation in foreign languages. Terminology is often an obstacle. has solved our problems: optimum quality, fast response times, fair price.

Kurt Moutschen
Brever sarl

We appreciate the flexibility and speed as well as the professionality and involvement of The results are truly great and can be used without any editing.

Anja Hofmann-Kiefer
Mercuri Urval Germany has been our partner for translations for many years. The team impresses with its reliability, competency, and punctual delivery.

Daniela Wilmes
Brökelmann Aluminium

Our experiences with FAUST TRANSLATIONS have always been consistently positive due to the extremely fast and competent processing of translations into a wide variety of languages, with warm and friendly contact with the employees!

Barbara Gerigk
REMA Anlagenbau

A successful relationship with for more than ten years. A partner that provides high quality work, fast.

Philippe Migeot

We appreciate the fast, uncomplicated service and the consistent on-time delivery while handling our orders.

Ina Plank
Adler-Werk Lackfabrik

Until now we have only had good experiences with All inquiries and all orders are processed immediately. We have been completely satisfied with everything so far and we would like to thank you.

Patrizia Battaglia
Lohenner GmbH & Co KG

We have relied on the fast and competent support of for highly technical texts for many years and have been completely satisfied: on time and dependable.

Yvette Didier
Geberit B.V.

We use the translation service of regularly. Fair prices, absolute on-time delivery, good quality and friendly service – that makes us a loyal customer.

Claudia Weyand
Schauenburg International GmbH

We have been using for technical documentations, web presence, and cataloguess for many years. We can blindly trust the promised delivery schedules and accurate execution of our orders.

Heiko Dowe

We have been working with for many years and are perfectly satisfied. The translations are always on time, professional, and take the terminology of the tourism industry into consideration.

Albert Joris
Domaine des Grottes de Han

Absolutely reliable, friendly, and competent! Thank you so much for the long and excellent relationship.

Dr. Aline Lenzing
Klaus Kuhn Edelstahlgießerei GmbH

Professional work! We are particularly impressed with the fast response and handling of the orders while meeting the negotiated delivery times, even when it's urgent.

Anne Bermond
LAMESCH Exploitation s.a.

For several years, has been our competent point of contact for excellent translations just-in-time

Rene Busch
B&W Energy GmbH & Co. KG

Fast response times and professional translations with specific terminology. We have been very satisfied and can recommend!

Anja Jurkowski
Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH

Our experiences with FaustTranslations are great across the board. Fast and correct completion of orders. Until now we have not had any complaints. We look forward to a continued successful relationship!

Brigitte Frers
paragon AG

We have been working with for a long time already. We are very satisfied with regard to speed as well as pricing. We can only recommend them.

Mustafa Keddo
Geschäftsführer DR. KEDDO GmbH

The cooperation is excellent, in particular with regard to quality and response time at competitive cost.

Manfred Muchar

All common languages from one source with automotive expertise. Strategic alignment toward a long-term relationship with secured resources and the potential to add other languages at any time.

Lars Steinbrügger
RAMEDER GmbH is a professional company that always keeps its promises. The relationship is always pleasant, professional, and friendly.

Aurélie Lo Monte
RPM Liège

Fast and excellent translation of our texts is important to us. That is why we have been working with for many years.

Martin Moselage
Borries Markier-Systeme GmbH

Pleasant, friendly, and highly efficient cooperation. Fast offers, and even tight deadlines are met. In short: a reliable service provider.

Catherine Junges
Phoenix Contact

The Knauf Shopping Centres are impressed by the cooperation with as a dynamic, organized, professional, and flexible company.

Benoit Mottet
Knauf Shopping Centres

We respect our main translation agency as a reliable and solution-oriented partner. Our orders, now for up to 40 languages, are processed with great dedication and accuracy even on tight deadlines.

Barbara Poxhofer

We have been working successfully with for 15 years with great satisfaction. We want to emphasize the professional competency, the adherence to delivery schedules, and the short turn around time.

Günter Czepek
KLW Wärmetechnik GmbH has been our partner for technical translations for many years. Until today we have not had any complaints from our customers due to inadequate translations. Thank you very much for this, keep it up!

Adam Schwirn
Ruhfus Systemhydraulik GmbH

We have been working with since we established our business in 2010. We appreciate the personal contact and the professional, fast fulfillment of our requests.

Alain Heck

We have been working confidently with for many years. We must emphasize the expert translations, the friendliness of the complete team, and the focus on service.

Martin Haase
ALUTEAM - for me they are a reliable partner for many projects. Correct translations, excellent timing, and communication is always friendly.

Harald Mathie

We have appreciated as a partner for all languages with competitive prices for a decade now. A great big thank you to the team at Keep it up!

Hans-Jörg Andonovic-Wagner
AOS - Design

NetterVibration regularly uses the services of Faust for the fast and reliable translation of technically sophisticated texts at transparent prices.

Simon Jakob
NetterVibration is professional, quick, and uncomplicated. The employees are happy to answer specific questions over the telephone. The fact that the translators read through the original text very thoroughly and note possible inconsistencies is also very positive.

Evelyne Mertens
Petroleum (Luxembourg) S.A.

The relationship we have with is just great! Employees are always friendly, delivery is always on time, and the translations are done quickly with correct terminology!

Sibylla Wörle
Hörburger AG Control Systems offers quality service with a special focus on our specific requirements.

Pascal Coppieters
VIGAN Engineering S.A. is distinguished by its flexibility, short processing times, and efficient order handling. We respect "Faust“ as a reliable and competent business partner.

Gerd Hammer
Theo Klein GmbH

A cooperation for more than 10 years: 10 years of great translations that make product placement easy and successful, particularly in the export industry. Thank you for a good partnership over the past decade.

Mirco Schäpe

One word is enough to describe this relationship: super! Great service, fast deliveries, and high quality.

Katharina Bender
oelenheinz + frey Werbeagentur GmbH

Very friendly employees ensure that all of our requests are fulfilled. Even with very tight deadlines we can trust in timely deliveries without additional costs: an overall excellent price-performance ratio.

Diana Machhamer

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