MAeX (Machine Assisted eXpertise) is the high-tech solution for technical translations.

At MAeX, an experienced technical translator uses the available technology of a professional neural translation engine.

MAeX guarantees:
✔️ high quality
✔️ short delivery time
✔️ low cost



MAeX is a translation process based on the specifications of DIN EN ISO 18587. According to the DIN standard mentioned, the result is “comparable to that of a human translation”.

With MAeX, a native-speaker technical translator uses the support of a professional neural translation engine. The process uses existing translations (from the translation memory) and the specialized terminology. The translation memory and glossary are updated in real time as the work is carried out and are always up to date.

Of course, with MAeX the usual working principles of our translation agency are also applied:

  • Personal project manager
  • Permanent team of translators
  • Transparent pricing
  • Guaranteed delivery date

With MAeX, you will experience a completely new and relaxed way to manage your translation projects.


MAeX is constantly learning. Costs are reduced from job to job because MAeX uses the existing translation memory and the constantly growing glossary. The quality level remains consistently high and delivery times continue to shorten. Everything that MAeX can reuse, comes free of charge. This will save you even more money in the long run.


MAeX uses a professional neural translation engine for pre-translation. Your personal project manager will select the most suitable translation engine for the specific job and set all the necessary parameters for the project and quality assurance. This means that even large quantities of words can be pre-translated within a short time.

The permanent translation team, which also performs other translations for your company (e.g. for marketing, legal, communications …), creates the final version from the pre-translation, which is “comparable to the result of a purely human translation.”

The advantage of this high-tech solution is obvious: time is money. We pass the efficiency benefits on to you:

  • Low price
  • Short delivery time
  • High quality


The price with MAeX is absolutely transparent:

  • 0,09 € per word in source text
  • Existing translation units (100% and better) are free of charge
  • Repetitions in the text (also across files) are also free of charge
  • Detailed offer with project statistics
  • Price and delivery time are guaranteed

So you pay only once for a translation with us: existing translation units (segments) with 100% and better as well as the repetitions (also across files) are free of charge.

If you are new to this topic and would like to learn more about how we work, just contact us so we can explain the innovative opportunities MAeX can offer you.


That’s exactly what you should do: JUST TEST IT NOW! You can easily request your ONLINE QUOTE and try MAeX.


We are continuously working on the further development of our innovative translation solution. We currently offer MAeX for German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Ukrainian and Portuguese. More languages will be added soon.

TIP: If your company says, “We’ll do it internally somehow,” you should suggest reviewing the effort, cost and quality. MAeX is fast and cost-effective and relieves colleagues who can concentrate on their important core tasks. Given the low costs and the numerous additional benefits that MAeX offers as a professional solution, outsourcing is clearly the better solution.


“The performance was impressively fast at a lower cost. If I need a translation again, I will definitely opt for a MAeX© translation.”

Dirk Paehge
Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH

“In my opinion, the quality of the translation is perfectly fine. When the corresponding system is up-to-date, machine translations are quite impressive. In a nutshell: Very good translations for a small price.”

Thomas Kaufmann
Deltatherm HIRMER GmbH

“We did not notice any difference with MAeX©. Of course, the final product has to be 100% perfect. So far, we have always been satisfied.”

Kathrin Bette
HERIPACK Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

“The MAeX© translations we received were entirely to our satisfaction!”

Manuel Baumann
TECHTORY Automation GmbH

“We did not notice anything negative about the translation. The fast delivery time and the attractive price can be regarded as very positive.”

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