DTP – linguistic graphic design

Have you ever ordered translations and been worried about the graphic design you’ll need to do to get your brochures or documents ready for print or publishing? With DTP, our multilingual graphic designers will do the hard work for you and get your documents looking like the original.

How does DTP work?

What we’ll do is we’ll do the full translation process for you, and once the translations are done we’ll put the text into the editable version of the original files. We can then check it to ensure everything is in the right place so that they’re ready for printing the moment you get them back.

What files do you support?

We support all the different graphic design formats, e.g. indesign, illustrator, etc.All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. We can also support languages with different alphabets like Russian or Chinese.

Ready to order DTP services?

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