RETRO LIVE! International Conference on Marketing and Globalization in Dublin: 18 May 2018

In today’s business world, digital marketing is a key element of success

Digital marketing, localization and sales work closely together and depend on each other to grow and succeed in globalized markets. This is especially true when expanding into new markets. We all need the know-how and experience of many of those professionals who are the best in their respective fields.

The best are not necessarily those with big names, who dominated the market for decades or who have more followers than we have money in our account. The change we are currently experiencing is catching many established companies (and former experts) on the wrong foot. Many young minds and companies create solutions that amaze us and that were unthinkable just a few years ago. was therefore present at the first Retro Live! conference. The aim was to incorporate the latest developments and trends in order to remain with the front runners and to anticipate and implement innovations that benefit our customers.

Last but not least, getting to know each other personally is particularly important to us. You want to know who you’re dealing with. Trust has an increasingly significant value in today’s business world. This applies to everyone : employees, partners, suppliers, customers.

What were the main insights of this one-day experience sharing?

  • Marketing and localization continue to grow together
  • Time-to-market is getting shorter
  • Unbreakable cooperation across language and country borders is necessary
  • Cultural differences (which are often not obvious) must be taken into account
  • Millenials play an important role in the digitization of business processes (including social media).

In other words, something is happening!

The opportunities available today are directly proportional to the speed of development. Accordingly, the danger for companies that “wait and see” or miss the opportunity is disproportionately high.

Take, for example, the market for analog SLR cameras:  a market that has been valued for high-tech products for decades has rarely been seen to plummet so brutally.

And the fun goes on. This will not scare companies that keep up with time (and may always have an eye on the future) but rather stimulate and motivate them. On the contrary, those that are hesitating must be concerned.

Courage pays off. In all languages.

So: Stay tuned. We will support you in order to make sure that you are understood in all your target markets.

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