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October 26th, 2020 by Christian Faust - Posted in English

The remote internship option for translation students is becoming increasingly popular, not least because we have to realise that Covid-19 will not leave us as quickly as we had all hoped.

It is not only the educational institutions that are relieved to find opportunities for meaningful internships for their students in these extraordinary times. The young people themselves are also happy that they can continue their training without delay and also gain valuable insights into their future profession.

So these special circumstances are not entirely a bad thing, in what they demand of us. On the contrary, in this way we are forced to look beyond our often beloved and reassuring comfort zone.

And what do we see? Countless new possibilities!

Practical experience counts

The real requirements in the translation industry are always aligned with the current state of the art. The competition is tough. Every technological advance can be turned into an advantage for the customer.

It goes without saying that both conventional universities and universities of applied sciences cannot reflect this reality in their training programs. This is one of the reasons why several cooperation agreements between colleges and universities in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and France and FaustTranslations have already become established.

Last but not least, at FaustTranslations we are personally committed to supporting young people. We all started at some point…

Remote Internship

Corona has practically enforced doing internships remotely. We currently have three interns with us and have already received advance registrations up to mid 2021. And this actually only confirms that this offered possibility is right for the time.

Ms. Malvina Sgradeli, a Bachelor’s student of Translation Studies at the Ruprechts-Karls-University of Heidelberg, is currently the second student to complete her remote internship at FaustTranslations. What does Malvina have to say about this?

▪️ How did you like the internship?

“I worked in a very friendly working environment and everyone was very kind to me and always willing to help me. I was very pleased to receive some Greek texts for translation and I would be very happy about a future cooperation with FaustTranslations. The team’s trust in me has helped me a lot. I will definitely recommend FaustTranslations to other students who want to do an internship”.

▪️ What was not so good, what was missing?

“I was very pleased with everything. Of course I would like to have had the chance to have done more translations. But I also understand that the options were very limited because I have Greek as my mother tongue. But I knew that in advance.”

▪️ What was the most important thing you learned?

“I have learned how to use various translation programs, especially Smartcat, correctly. I have read many German technical texts that have helped me to improve my knowledge”.

▪️ What is your experience with Smartcat?

“My experience with Smartcat was very good. I worked with this program every day. The online glossary is very helpful because all translators always see the correct terminology. And real-time collaboration with comments on the spot in the translation makes the work much easier. Everything goes much faster.”

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