August 26th, 2020 by Christian Faust - Posted in English

So what is a Faust rule anyway? In all industries and professions there are some basic, unbreakable rules. The translation industry is no different, we too have important rules of thumb that should always be observed whenever possible to avoid unnecessary disasters.

Funnily enough, in German, the word for ‘rule of thumb’ is actually ‘Faustregel’. Coincidence? We think not!


These rules of thumb are more than just ‘rules’, they are very close to our hearts. Each Faustregel we share with you forms part of our personal, professional insight gained through years of hard work and experience.


Experience is talked about a lot in translation, and for good reason. It’s important in our industry because no two clients, just like no two translation projects are ever the same. Be that because of different language combinations, a different subject area, a different target group or a new technological development etc.

We’ve already experienced just about everything you can imagine in terms of tasks or potential problems in translation management. The interesting thing that we’ve learned along the way is that fresh new challenges are constantly emerging, we understand that we can’t know everything and that in today’s fast paced global marketplace it’s never been more important to stay ahead of the game.

Fortunately, has plenty of experience doing just that. Christian Faust, our founder, has worked in the translation industry for over 30 years. Together, our team brings almost 100 years of experience in translation management to the table, not to mention our talented pool of more than 800 translators* worldwide!


Rules of thumb are useful because they are not just rigid guidelines, but rather “rough” rules, or recommendations to keep in mind. A Faustregel should be considered flexible and open enough to take into account all of the framework conditions of your project.

Language isn’t like mathematics. It can’t be easily squeezed into a tight corset (like many of us!). Working with languages demands solutions that are adapted to each individual case.

This requires translation project managers to be continually aware, carefully considering client specifications, the current requirements of the texts, as well as, any potential problems and difficulties that may arise.

Useful: Faust Rules are Practical Solutions.

This is why our Faust Rules are so beneficial for translation management. We have developed each ‘faustregel’ through years of hands on experience, and each one represents an essential element of our professional work process.

By keeping these rules in mind, you can optimize your own translation management. Let’s work together to achieve a better result with even less effort – isn’t that what we all want?

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