For lexiQA, quality matters
lexiQA is a technology start-up company based in the UK, focusing on linguistic quality assurance in translation and localization.
In the rapidly evolving landscape of translation and localization platforms in recent years, lexiQA was founded on the principles of efficiency and innovation. It has developed the first ever entirely cloud-based solution for linguistic QA and is challenging generally accepted practices with a number of drastic improvements, such as locale-specific checks by default and live “as-you-type” QA. The API-based tool automatically reviews the content in bilingual aligned segments of text. Potential errors are identified and highlighted, and then the user has the option to make corrections and amendments where appropriate.
lexiQA is provided as an enterprise-level SaaS solution, mainly to translation buyers and translation software developers. However we occasionally also like to partner with forward-thinking LSPs who want to make a difference in their workflow.
If you’d like to know more about lexiQA, visit our website or get in touch with our team.
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