I GOT IT! How to attract customers with Twitter – Part 2


Let’s continue from where we left off in Part 1.


You are happy with your well-structured website that you have created in the languages of your most important customers and prospects. A news and blog page with embedded Twitter feed ensures that the site stays lively without great effort. And of course you have set up a Twitter account.

Let’s get started!

A Tweet can’t have more than 140 characters. So you already have 100% control over time and cost. You should always add a meaningful photo that awakens interest. And of course a link to your website. Because that’s where you want your prospects to go.

And what should I tweet?

Your potential customer usually wants useful information, a good tip, an answer to urgent questions, and ideally the solution for a current need. That’s exactly what you offer – isn’t it? (If not, then you have a problem that even social media can’t solve for you.)

The genius #

Use the # (hashtag) to mark keywords that are relevant for your readers. They will be shown in the search results. A simple example:

You make #socks. In your Tweet you write that for your #socks you offer a 5 year #warranty against #holes. Your Tweet will show up in all queries for  #socks. A link will lead to your blog, where you explain the special #technology that makes this possible. And everything about #SockCare#comfort#SocialWorkEnvironment etc. As a #SockExpert it shouldn’t be a problem to write about interesting aspects in a reader-friendly format, to put them in the spotlight, and to draw interest to your website.

You can copy the same tweet and use new hashtags. And all of a sudden you reach different target groups. If that’s not #genius! And it’s #free!

Disgression: SEO is not everything!

Many SEO experts will disagree. But we share the opinion of Guy Kawasaki:

“If you can’t generate a reaction in social media, you are not using it aggressively enough.”

SEO is certainly an important topic. And professionals can surely use their know-how to support you in getting your website ranked higher in search results if they avoid substantial errors. My experience: It takes lots of time and money to achieve useful results with SEO. And as long as there are competitors with more of both, you won’t be successful. Despite all that money that you sunk into the project.

Luckily, search engines are becoming increasingly “intelligent” and quickly learn how to better evaluate website content. If you want to keep your expenses down, you can get further if your website provides interesting and useful content for your visitors. End of story.

The disadvantage that’s an advantage

Let’s take a look at how long content remains “newsworthy” on different channels:

  • Blog: 2 years
  • LinkedIn: 24 hours
  • Facebook: 5 hours
  • Twitter: 18 minutes

For our strategy, this means that we put sustainable information on our blog and tweet daily news and information. With its extremely short half-life, a tweet is always newsworthy.

And along the way you utilize current surfing behaviour. Your tweet grabs the attention at the right time. Or it simply vanishes. And so it’s never intrusive and can be reused multiple times.

TIP: Take a look at what your competitors are doing

You can easily monitor your competitors and see how and where they are on Twitter and where not! Small and mid-sized companies can use this niche that is left here and that must be filled – at least with communication!

Things will get very amusing in part three

That’s where I will show you useful tools that you can use to easily automate your tweets, how to use Twitter ads for great coverage for little money, and how to create a targeted, international effect.

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