I GOT IT! How to attract customers using Twitter – Part 3


Here’s the third and final part of our series. I promised you a bit of fun, and here’s the amusing part: you will see how you can implement your strategy with little effort. Let’s get started!


The secret is to use automation tools to make your effort last for a long time.
The range of tools is just as extensive as it is confusing. For reasons of efficiency I will limit myself to three tools that we use:

  • Tweetdeck
  • Socialoomph
  • TwitterAds


is free and, among other things, offers you the option of arranging your search terms in any number of columns next to each other and to track current Tweets. This way you will always see Tweets for a certain hashtag, and you can, for example, monitor trade fairs, conferences, competitors, or key terms. Simultaneously you can position yourself optimally in current feeds by following, tweeting, and liking topics. You will quickly get a better feel for how to move in your industry to get the attention that you want.


is not free. Calculate approx. 300 Euro per year for unlimited use. What can you do with it? You create Tweets (as many as you want) in a kind of queue. You can define – relatively freely – when and how often your Tweets will be published, and on which channels. You can also code the terms used in your Tweets with variables, so that each Tweet is composed randomly.

You can automatically put the published Tweets back to the start of the queue, so that your supply of Tweets will never run out.

Let’s assume that you create and buffer 100 Tweets, of which you publish two each day: The first Tweet will be repeated after 50 days (at 5 days a week that’s 10 weeks). So there’s no risk of being annoying with repetitive Tweets. Use the variables for more diverse wording and you can safely publish five or more Tweets per day.

Automatically, without lifting a finger.

Use the editor function to modify your Tweets for other hashtags in just a few seconds, for example if you want to address the next trade fair. You can see that the necessary effort is very limited.

Socialoomph has an integrated feature that abbreviates the link to your website and thus avoids wasting valuable characters (you only have 140 characters for your message!). By the way, you can safely omit the “http://” prefix and save another 7 characters.


is also a paid service but it’s highly efficient (surely you are noticing that I love efficiency!).

The secret here is that you can select your target audience very precisely by location or country, language, industry, area of interest, hashtag, and many other criteria. Twitter will show you a graphic with your potential reach for your selection. Twitter would, of course, like you to use as high a budget as possible so that you will reach as many people as possible.

But this works both ways!

My tip: Limit yourself to a certain number of search criteria  and define the smallest possible target group – precisely those people from which you can assume that they are relevant prospects. And if your target group means only 1,000 contacts…. great! That means you only need a budget of 10 Euro per day to reach them. That’s a  great deal!

For TwitterAds you select those Tweets that have already had a good response in the past (get a free analysis with TwitterAnalytics).

And now let’s get started doing international business!

Now that you have a firm grip on your local market, have the attention, and get good results, you can take the next step – which happens nearly automatically since you already did the work above.

Have your Tweets translated and modified for your target markets (localized).

It’s nearly effortless to fill your feed, for example, about the #Hannovermesse in the languages of your target group to create attention and build trust. Just invite your visitors to take a break at your booth, with a cup of coffee and a snack. You will create lots of interest among foreign visitors.

Monitor your foreign markets accordingly and position yourself and your product whit properly localized #Hashtags and #SearchTerms.

You will, of course, reuse your localized Tweets for other trade fairs, events, and campaigns.That ROI will speak for itself!

One last tip:

Use professionals to “localize” your Tweets – a simple translation is not good enough:

The number of characters is limited, which means that the text must be linguistically sophisticated to really grab the reader’s attention.

Also, when it comes to an international target group you really can’t underestimate the proper form of address and the number of possible gaffes. The stories of Coca-Cola, Toyota, BluWater, etc. are legendary and very funny – as long as you’re not the center of that attention.

That’s it!

All in all quite simple, isn’t it?

A short summary of the steps:

  • Set up the website in the target languages of your customers/prospects
  • Integrate a highly visible Twitter feed(like at FaustTranslations)
  • Prepare Tweets in Socialoomph (continue to expand to 100 or more)
  • Prepare corresponding Tweets in TwitterAds
  • Have Tweets localized for foreign target groups/markets

You will see how quickly visits to your website and inquiries from potential customers will increase.

Isn’t that great?

With this approach you have a powerful tool for addressing national and international markets very preciselySmall and mid-sized companies in particular can address their potential customer directly, with a low budget and no advertising wastage that is so frequently found in other social media. And all of this for very little money.

I’m happy to help you with additional tips or advice. And of course we can professionally localize your Tweets, if that’s what you’re looking for. We’re happy to support your success.

There will surely be more to say about this topic in the future. Simply subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed. Find us on Twitter: @FaustT9ns.

Now there are no more excuses: Let’s get to work!

Go be successful! We’ll see us on Twitter!

Stay with me


Christian Faust

Last but not least: Many thanks for the photo to Igor Marach in Kiev!

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