I GOT IT! How to attract customers using Twitter – Part 1



Why do birds tweet? Correct: to find partners and to mark their territory.
You too should tweet for the same reasons:

  • to address prospects;
  • to call attention to your products and services;
  • to mark your area of competence in which you hold a leading position.

How difficult is this?

Social media has reached an unmanageble level of complexity. Nearly countless channels are available. “Experts” can be found at every street corner. Enter the term “Social Media” at Amazon, just for fun – and you will have hundreds of thousands of hits.  It’s clearly an important topic.

Take a deep breath

You have surely heard this question before: “Your company doesn’t have a social media manager? How do you do it?“
Uncertainty at the thought that an unprofessional external presentation could be more harmful than advantageous for your image (can you already hear the general outrage coming your way?) and the question about responsibility and competency in the company (management has other priorities, the marketing department is overworked and they just shrug their shoulders…) play a part in ensuring that…

Nothing happens

“We better do nothing rather than doing something that’s useless, costs money, and might be bad for us. We’ve been doing just fine without it.“
That’s another way to vanish from the market. And nobody even noticed.

Before you do…

what everyone else does, stop for a moment. A sure way of getting lost in the social media glut is to do exactly what everyone else does.
As a small or mid-sized company, you really can’t take a major corporation as your role model.
If I may say so – your products are niche or specialty products and your strengths are:

  • flexibility
  • innovation
  • responsiveness
  • customer service
  • availabilty

Small, flexible, unconventional

That’s exactly how you should handle social media: with targeted and purposeful minimal effort to achieve maximum results.

That’s where Twitter will make the difference for you!

The limited amount of 140 characters very naturally limits the necessary time and cost.

Website – the crux of the matter

In social media, everything is focused on your website: design a pleasing site that offers all the contact information and an overview of your services and products in the languages of your most important customers and prospects.
Keep your site current and interesting with a blog and news from your company, with an integrated feed from your preferred channel (e.g. Twitter. Here you can see how).
Omit everything that has no added value for your potential customers!

It’s done!

That’s all you need to get started. In my next blog article I will show you how you can easily use Twitter to draw the attention of your international prospects to your website to increase visitor numbers.

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Christian Faust


Many thanks for the photo to Igor Marach, Kiev.
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