Perfect your texts with proofreading services

When you order a translation, we understand just how paramount perfection is. Even one small typo is too much. As we’re only human, we always recommend getting your texts proofread by a second linguist, so that you can rest assured that they’re simply perfect. Either you can order a full translation, proofreading, and editing package from us, or we can proofread your texts your team have written to give them a professional touch.

Types of proofreading

There are a number of types of different proofreading available. There’s monolingual proofreading where we just check the target text, and bilingual proofreading where we check the target text against the source text. There’s also stylistic editing where we add a creative touch to our proofreading, and proofreading for terminology purposes which is perfect for technical or medical texts.

If you’re ready to order quality proofreading in whatever language you need.

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