“DIGIWELL – Upgrading Humans” – Biohacking and human augmentation

Are you at the limit? Make no mistake…

Digiwell – Upgrading Humans was founded on the realization that digital transformation is the topic number 1everywhere, but it always pertains only to processes, not humans per se. Digiwell wants to change this. Digiwell focuses on the transformation of the human being, the so-called “upgrade”. More hip (but untranslatable), by contrast, the official name: “Human Augmentation” & “Human Performance enhancement”.

Whether it’s for individuals or organisations – Digiwell contributes digitally and biologically to the improvement of mental and physical performance.

Products, information, presentations, workshops, and consulting services are provided to match the transformation. “Normal” is boring and so Digiwell’s approach to this matter is more extreme than others. They offer not only special dietary supplements, but also real body upgrades in the form of smart implants, electric shocks for human behavioral correction, and “smart drugs”.

Whether Adidas, Fujitsu, Deutsche Telekom, MediaMarktSaturn or AUDI – many customers are contacting Digiwell in their search for new ways – outside of the usual – to find exciting impulses for their own transformation. It is no longer a question of the digital transformation of company-wide processes, it is about the people behind it. At Digiwell, companies discover so-called nootropics to increase the brain performance of their employees, or they book a keynote for the “digitisation of human beings”.

Many of the approaches and products are based on decades of experience and self-experimentation. So, a typical Digiwell breakfast consists of a plethora of nutritional supplements, and a life with implants instead of front door keys is as natural as the morning cup of coffee with oil and butter.

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You have questions about the digital transformation of human beings? About biohacking? About improving performance outside of the usual? At Digiwell we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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