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  • For general inquiries, please contact Jessica Schumacher
  • If you’d like more in depth advice and guidance in relation our translation solutions, contact Christian Faust directly.
  • For a no fuss instant quote, just drop us an e-mail or use our request portal
  • Or just give us a call on: +352 269 066 – 20

Code of Ethics

At, we understand the immense responsibility that comes with helping our clients break down language barriers to open up endless opportunities, all through the simple art of effective communication.

In every action and decision we make, we stay true to our fundamental core values of responsibility, competence and integrity. Each member of our team holds themselves to the same high standard of these moral-ethical principles of action. In this spirit, all of employees comply with our Code of Ethics:


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Christian Faust
+352 269066 - 26

Thomas Faust
+352 269066 - 20

Uschi Klasen-Faust
+352 269066 - 29

Irina Lenges
+352 269066 - 21

Jenny Hennes
+352 269066 - 23

Manon Faust
+352 269066 - 20

Sarah Schrouben
+352 269066 - 28

Laurence Hoffmann
+352 269066 - 24

Jessica Schumacher
+352 269066 - 27

Tel.: +352 26 90 66 20


26 Grand-Rue
9905 Troisvierges


Our ethos is to foster a cosmopolitan and tolerant attitude towards all individuals and cultures. The success of any project depends on a healthy, collaborative atmosphere. Through our spirit of teamwork, we consider the interests of our team members, other project participants and our clients at all times. It is a privilege to have the trust of our clients, and through all we do, we strive to preserve confidentiality and foster the reputation of our client's company.

We take the moral responsibility we have towards our clients, colleagues and wider global communities seriously. Each member of our team is focused on the welfare, health and safety of all persons, as well as, each form of life and the environment.

Maintaining the quality of our service is of paramount importance to us at We will only ever accept tasks that correspond with our experience and expertise. We consider it a test of conscious to base our decisions on the ultimate good of our clients projects. We hold true to these social values by only managing projects whose complexity and consequences we fundamentally understand and can oversee.

We aim to deliver optimum cost-effectiveness. To ensure the required functions, quality and deadlines are met at the most reasonable cost, we employ the most up-to-date methods, procedures and systems. Though rare, we are honest and transparent in reporting any conflicts of interest or other problems that may adversely affect a project.

We believe in staying ahead of the curve. Each of our team undergoes continual training to improve their skills and keep up-to-date with the latest developments. We love getting feedback and constantly strive to improve wherever we can. At the same time, we protect our team members and colleagues from unfair criticism. Our conduct is professional and intent on conciliation, based on the ideology of mutual respect.

Each team member at has deep respect for the laws and generally accepted social values ​​wherever they are in the world. We always strive to promote the well being of everyone in our communities.

Each employee is fully committed to ensuring their actions align with these values. In all of our actions and decisions, at, we maintain independence and neutrality and are loyal custodians of our clients interests at all times. We reject all forms of corruption and treat all information we receive as strictly confidential.