Code Of Ethics

August 5th, 2020 by Christian Faust - Posted in English

At, we measure everything against our moral and ethical principles, which is why every member of our team follows our Code of Ethics. All of our company’s actions and decisions are based on fundamental core values of responsibility, competence and integrity.


  • Our responsibility to our clients is the most important aspect of our work. We value the confidence clients place in us. Our primary goal is to preserve and foster the image of any client’s company, of and of all third parties directly or indirectly involved in a project.
  • As the success of any project is based on collaboration and communication, the best interests of our team members, clients and colleagues are taken into consideration at all times. We aim to promote an atmosphere of teamwork, where positive encouragement and a continuous feedback loop enable all project participants to flourish.
  • In line with our GDPR responsibilities, we treat any and all information that we become aware of with the utmost confidentiality. Our commitment to data security and client confidentiality is at the forefront of all we do.


  • We only manage projects within the scope of our professional expertise, with a level of complexity we understand.
  • We aim to deliver optimum cost-effectiveness with each of our services. At, we believe that balancing the cost of our experience and expertise with real value for money for clients, we can achieve excellent results, every time.
  • We ensure our procedures and systems are in line with the most up-to-date knowledge and information available. We constantly update to keep abreast of changing standards and emerging technologies.
  • To improve our own abilities, we continually educate ourselves. We afford team members the opportunity to arrange and undertake professional training and development.
  • At, we understand the unexpected can That’s why our team remains vigilant to change, and is careful to take appropriate measures in good time to avoid project impact or delay.
  • Similarly, we have an open communication policy. We promise to keep clients updated in real time.
  • We openly and honestly report any conflicts of interest or project issues whenever they arise.
  • We strongly encourage both client and staff feedback and constantly strive to improve both our standards and our service.


  • respects the laws and social values of wherever we operate in the world, as well as, whomever we work with. We take a considerate and tolerant attitude towards all individuals and cultures.
  • We strive to do justice to our social values at all times and take full responsibility for everything we do.
  • Our focus is always on the welfare, health and safety of all, as well as, the environment.
  • We are committed to protecting our team members and project participants from any unfair treatment. We will uphold the integrity, safety and wellbeing of all colleagues.
  • and each of our team are opposed to any form of corruption at all times.
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