Benefits of Machine Translation

Benefits of machine translation

When you’re out and about and don’t speak the local language, tools like Google translate are quite literally a life saver. But what about work situations? Google translate gets slammed by the professional world for coming up with silly mistranslations that could seriously damage your company image if ever published. However, is this really justified?

With the rise of neural MT, machine translation quality has seen a major boost. It even made front-page news saying that it’s going to be the end of translators as we know them! We use machine translation quite a lot, and have recently launched our professional machine translation service, MAeX. So we thought we’d discuss the benefits of machine translation to help you make an informed choice on what type of translation is best for your business.


One of the first benefits of machine translation has to be productivity. A study by the EU has claimed that using machine translation can increase a translator’s productivity by 44%, which is an awful lot. Rather than having to translate everything from scratch, the translator will act more like a post-editor and will edit the MT output, which as you can imagine, speeds things up a great deal!


In the world of business, we’re all used to price-pressure. We understand that translation isn’t cheap, and if you’re getting a lot of content translated, translation costs rack up. If your company deals with a lot of technical or legal texts, machine translation can help reduce your costs by 50%. Rather than compromising on quality, by increasing a translator’s productivity, we’re able to save money, and pass those savings on to clients.

Turn-around times

Translation is something you don’t want to rush, which is why faster turnaround times is one of the great benefits of machine translation. Once again, linking into productivity, the faster a translator can work, the faster you get your documents back! And this is great for e-commerce companies who have loads of products to launch globally with practically no time at all to do so.


If your translations contain a lot of data, a computer-based solution is going to be able to process it all an awful lot faster than a human can.


Would you like to find out more about the benefits of machine translation and how it can help your business? Get in touch with our MT specialist MAeX team and we’ll be happy to help!


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