Translation technology, marketing, and e-commerce under one roof

What does 21st century translation technology really mean?

Real time work environment
Central translation memories
Transparent terminology databases
Automatable quality assurance steps
Collaborative workflows
Machine translation
Flexibility without licensing fees, costs & installations

Development, production, sales, customer service, and marketing have different objectives. But they all rely on the same fundamental elements: technical facts, consistent designations, distinct corporate identity, etc.

Questions regarding our technology?

Translation technology solutions: a simplified, flexible workflow, precisely tailored to your needs

Data is available any time, everywhere.

Communication happens exactly where it’s needed.

The lead times for translation projects are reduced dramatically.

You stay in control of everything, including:

  • subsequent text changes
  • version statuses
  • updating of modified translations in the memory and the glossary
  • feedback loops
  • consistent terminology
  • access rights and adjustments on various levels
and so on and so forth…

Focus on what you do best, and leave translation technology to us.

Collaborative workflows

Our SC* translation management incorporates all of the participants in a translation project in real time:

Forget about Excel glossaries, PDF comments, countless emails with or without attachments, etc.
Forget about cumbersome terminology and memory management.
Forget chaotic communication and version history! Our collaborative workflows close all communication gaps – instantly.
Forget about license fees, installations, …

Our collaborative SC* translation management is leading in the German-language region. Efficiency, user friendliness, and sustainability are the main focus.

*SmartCat (SC) is a leading software ecosystem for all persons involved in a translation project; it accesses joint translation and terminology databases in real time and, thanks to collaborative workflows, offers great efficiency benefits in terms of cost, quality, and delivery time.

You want to know how it works?

Personal project management

We see technology as a tool that’s useful only because of all the people that use it with lots of experience and know-how.

You are looking for one permanent contact person

With a personal project manager you have a reliable contact, who knows you and your company really well. You don’t have to explain everything over and over again, and you can be sure that processes will be optimized and that errors or misunderstandings occur only once. That’s very pleasant and efficient!


Personal contact is the essential feature of our work. Jointly with you we analyze your requirements and framework conditions, and define the most optimal workflow for you. Then we custom-design your translation management based on this.

Your success is our yardstick

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