Of course you want to know who you're dealing with

Let's be blunt: anyone can translate.

And you have no way of controling what kind of translation you will get. You must be able to trust your partner - blindly.

Just like you know your products and services like the back of your hand, we will support you with our competence and experience in translation management.

The difference that makes the difference

Maybe the difference is that we are an organically grown family business? We don't make a fuss about quality, price, or delivery deadlines, because each person at FaustTranslations.com takes personal responsibility for the trust that you place in us.

Innovative capability ensures your long-term success

FaustTranslations.com is a highly innovative company despite decades of experience (or maybe because of it). With our technology partners we are embracing current technologies and develop groundbreaking, even more efficient processes that we quickly put to work for your benefit.

Do take it personally

Be demanding. Choose the partner that suits you. We have recorded our business principles in a code of ethics that forms the foundation of our work and  that is firmly supported by each and every employee.


You don't want to take a leap of faith? You shouldn't! That's why we developed THE GUARANTEE.

There's absolutely no risk for you:

Not convinced = money back

How this works in detail is explained here: THE GUARANTEE

In short:

Cooperating with us is fun: because you can trustingly assign tasks to us that used to take a lot of time and were nerve-wrecking while you never really reached your goal (otherwise you wouldn't be here - am I right?). Efficient work is motivating and successful - and we are all happy when we are successful.


You have your very own needs and wants. It is our mission to relieve you from all of your worries when it comes to translation management.

To ensure a 100% implementation of our business philosophy we limit the number of new customers to a few mid-sized companies annually, whose company profiles coincide with ours. This is what secures success for both sides.

Interested? Talk to us! We are all ears for your requests.


Our team for your success

Of course you want to know who you’re dealing with.
Translations are a matter of trust.