Our code of ethics

Responsibility, Competence and Integrity


At FaustTranslations.com Sàrl, we pride ourselves on the high level of responsibility our actions carry when fulfilling our tasks. As such, our actions and decisions are based on our fundamental, core values of responsibility, competence and integrity.

We consider complying with the guiding moral and ethical principles an essential yardstick against which we measure our activities. With this in mind, we all support complying with the following terms that make up our Code of Ethics:


Each of us at FaustTranslations.com attaches particularly high priority to the common welfare, health and safety of every person, every form of life and the environment. Our basic approach is characterised by a cosmopolitan and tolerant attitude towards other cultures. Our actions and decisions are targeted towards the success of the project, which we have to ensure for the client. We regard the confidence of the client and of the other project participants as a valuable commodity.

Through our actions and decisions, at FaustTranslations.com we preserve and foster the image of our client’s company, of our own company and of all third parties directly or indirectly involved in the project.

As the success of a project is based on teamwork, we take the interests of our team members, other project participants and our colleagues into consideration.


We only manage projects whose complexity and consequences we fundamentally understand and can oversee. We weigh up a variety of alternatives in order to do justice to social values. We are conscious of our freedom to act and base our decisions on the common good.

We aim to deliver optimum cost-effectiveness. To ensure the required functions and qualities, deadlines and costs, we apply methods, procedures and systems in line with the most up-to-date knowledge. We only accept tasks that correspond with our experience and expertise. We are careful to take appropriate measures in good time in order to avoid any delay to our projects. We openly and honestly report any conflicts of interest or project problems.

To improve our own abilities and keep up-to-date with the latest developments, we continually educate ourselves. Accordingly, we all have the opportunity to arrange our own professional training and development. In consideration of ourselves, our team members and any other project participants, we gratefully receive objective criticism and endeavour to ensure fair cooperation. At the same time, we protect our own team members and project participants from unfair criticism. Our conduct is always professional and intent on conciliation.


At FaustTranslations.com we observe the laws and the generally acknowledged social values wherever we operate in the world. In our actions and decisions, we always aim to prevent any harm to the well-being of society. We are prepared to account for what we do.

In all our actions and decisions, we maintain our independence and neutrality, and are loyal advocates of our client(s). We are opposed to any form of corruption at all times. We treat all information that we become aware of with the utmost confidentially.

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