Competitiveness starts with price

Translation offers

Quotes for specialized translations are based on three pillars: Quality, delivery deadline, and price. It may seem like trying to square a circle, but it is about us using our expertise, the best tools, and qualified employees. Our price quote contains all costs incurred for the negotiated service package: one price, all inclusive.

Transparent pricing

The transparent design of our prices and quotes is very important to us. When you place your order, you should know already what our services will cost in total. Looking for tiered pricing, surcharges, hidden additional costs, related costs and such will be a waste of your time here. Our experienced project managers assess the scope of a translation project when they create the quote, and they submit to you a price quote that includes all of the costs for the negotiated service package: You only pay for what you really need. We also don't have a minimum order value. Or an express surcharge. We are happy to negotiate master agreements with you, which can guarantee you long-term cost advantages, supply security, and simple order processes.

Cost reduction thanks to advanced tools

With the use of the most advanced translation tools available on the market, we can help you optimize your budget for translations and associated services, e.g. content management or SEO. Specialized programs support translators, proofreaders, terminologists, and project managers in their work and help ensure that we always deliver translations on time, at a high quality, and inexpensively.

Why should you pay twice?

Do you need something translated that you already had translated before, in the same or a very similar form? Common examples are catalogs, price lists, technical documentation for machines of a similar series, etc. We can efficiently reuse translations that we have already done for you in the past. The advantages: shorter delivery period, higher quality, and: lower costs. We refuse to charge you again for the same work. What this means for you: Free.