There can be no doubt when it comes to quality

That’s why our claim is clear: We deliver the quality that you demand. No matter which languages and specialties: we have the right translators for your projects. Our translators guarantee the perfect understanding of the subject area and the culture of the target country.

Translations pursuant to DIN EN ISO 17100

Specialized translations are done exclusively by qualified native speakers with verified skills in the relevant area of expertise. We use the 4-eye principle, where another employee with competence in the subject matter reviews the translation, which guarantees a significantly higher quality than if one translator were to work on the translation alone.

Comprehensive quality assurance thanks to high-tech

According to studies, incorrect terminology is the reason for more than half of all complaints. We use advanced tools to monitor quality already during the translation. Quality assurance reviews the correct use of the terminology during the work process and reports possible errors to translators and editors:

  • Automatic review of terminology, including a notification to the translator for terms that are prohibited or not in the glossary.
  • Double spaces, placeholders (formating), wrong date and time formats, and more than 30 other types of errors are recognized.
  • The project manager has comprehensive analyses and error reports available to optimize the workflow.
  • On the side of the customer, terminologists and proofreaders can be actively integrated into our translation platform.

Unbeatable quality thanks to efficient processes and advanced tools.

Our translation management meets and exceeds the quality requirements of the translation standard thanks to sophisticated processes that are based on our long-term, international experience in the translation industry. And we flexibly adjust our processes to your requirements.

With our technology partners (SDL Trados, SmartCAT, Lilt, lexiQA, Easyling, Protemos) we are always at the cutting edge of our industry (and often we are one step ahead). For our customers this simply means:

  • Higher quality
  • Lower costs
  • Shorter delivery times

Our team for your success

Of course you want to know who you’re dealing with.
Translations are a matter of trust.