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You are familiar with the endless chain of possible problems in translation management? Multilingual projects with dozens of files, urgent deadlines, constant changes, terminology discrepancies, nobody feeling like taking responsibility...

Our goal is to release you from all worries when it comes to translation management. As specialists we have the right solutions.

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Of course you want to know who you’re dealing with.

FaustTranslations.com is an established family business that has been specializing in translations for technology, economics, legal, marketing, and websites for more than 25 years.

Our in-house team of 10 experienced project managers manages a pool of more than 650 specialized translators to reliably meet the linguistic needs of more than 1,700 regular customers in all common language combinations. Translation project in up to 40 languages simultaneously are not uncommon.

Translations are a matter of trust

Each individual at FaustTranslations.com takes personal responsibility for the trust that you place in us. We have set out our principles in a code of ethics (www.fausttranslations.com/ehtikkodex.de) that forms the foundation of our work and is resolutely upheld by all of our employees.

Highly innovative. Highly efficient. Highly motivated.

Despite decades of experience (or because of it), FaustTranslations.com is a highly innovative company. We keep our ear on the ground and quickly turn current developments in our industry into your advantage. And more: We always seize new opportunities and with our technology partners push the development of new, highly efficient processes.

Here you will have a personal project manager who becomes more familiar with you and your company as time goes on. Who will flexibly negotiate the best workflow with you. You set the target - we optimize the translation process with an eye on quality, price, and delivery deadline.

Our employees are highly motivated because there’s only one standard: Your success! We get the most out of all personal and technical options in order to give you the excellent service that you are looking for.

You are different. We are too.

Make your life easier! Why not choose the smart solution? We understand that every company has different circumstances and different needs, that every company is unique. Request your customized quote here:

Our team for your success

Of course you want to know who you’re dealing with.
Translations are a matter of trust.